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Regatta news


                                                                                         By Jason Lester

Well what an interesting day it was, everybody arrived early and got to work with the setup of the course, followed by a quick drivers brief.
The first race up was N2 Hydro with Phil taking the win with Spider and Chris bringing Tahoe Miss in Second place, with Jason driving Motul into a Buoy on the first lap.
The second race run was electric 1/8th Scale Hydro, with four boats starting the race it looked like it was going to be a fun close race, DeWalt and Miss Elam broke the line at the start, then it all changed when Merv tripped on a wake with Peters and May flipped over on the end of the front straight. Phil put Miss Elam over backwards coming downwind of all places, it got a good 4ft of air underneath it, Chris with Llumar then went on to take the win with DeWalt coming in second.
The next race up was the 3.5cc Multiboats, which Jason was lucky to have a run with Herman’s spare boat. His first run didn’t go to well only managed to get two laps done in the ten minutes to run the heat, Herman had a few problems and withdrew from the heat, Tony took the win with 15 laps.
The Second heat of the 3.5cc Multiboats and it was Tony’s turn to have problems and only do two laps, Herman done 15 laps and Jason managed to take the win with 17 laps.
We tried for a heat with the 1/8th Scale Nitro Hydro’s but it proved to be a bit rough to run with none of the three boats launched even making it to the start.
Next up was a heat with the 15cc Multiboats in which Herman took the win with 15 laps, Tony had problems with his boat and was forced to withdraw for the day.
The water was a little choppy for the hydro’s so we went on to run the 7.5cc Multiboats where Jason got offered to run Herman’s spare boat.
The first heat went well with Tony taking the win with 22 laps, Jason doing 20.5 laps and Herman doing 11 laps before a bearing in the gearbox decided to play up.
The second heat started with only Tony and Jason entered, Tony took the win with 19 laps and Jason only doing 4 laps before he had radio problems.
After some testing with the Sport 45’s and the Riggers it was decided it was getting a little too rough, so everyone packed up, the raffle draw was held with Tony winning the $50 prize.

It was an enjoyable day

Craig has more photos here