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Race Report & Hi-Points for 9th Nov 2014 are up!


Check Race Reports & Hi-Points under Racing Info



Season Racing for 2014-15 Commences

Racing recommences 27th July. Check Homepage for race schedules.


Happy Holidays

Wishing all Manukau Model Power Boat Club Members and facebook friends a Very Merry Xmas and safe and Happy New Years. Will see at the pond in January 2014. Keep watching this space for the latest updates and the pond filling.

Race Report & Hi-Points for 24th Nov

Check Race Reports & Hi-Points under Racing Info

24th November Racing (4th Sunday Programme)

Last race for this year at Wattlefarm ponds...see you there.



"Horses' Mane" weed is becoming a problem. The pond is planned to be drained November 25th and is likely to remain empty all through December.

Our last Race Day for the year will therefore be Sunday 24th November (4th Sunday programme & subject to weed of course)

We can  use the pond on Sunday 17th but if you need the trailer you will need to organise this with Phil before Saturday.

Race Report & Hi-Points for 10th Nov

 Check Race Reports & Hi-Points under Racing Info


2003 New Letters

Check in Archived Newsletters under Resources

Race Report & Hi-Points for 27th Oct

Check Race Reports & Hi-Points under Racing Info




Chris has written a FE article on how to chose your motor for your boat. Uploaded in Tips under Resources.

A couple of more links have also been uploaded under Tips.



To Malcolm Miller for supplying the lost Newsletters and Photos which have now been updated to the published Archived Newsletters 2001 and 2002


Updated: Club Day Racing and Hi-Points. Oct 20th 2013   (In Racing Info)


Archived Newsletters

Archived Newsletters from 2001 will be appearing over the next few months under the Resources Link.

Check back often for new uploads.


What’s Happening In The Workshops?

More boats are been built and these winter months are going to be busier than ever.

Hayden is presently building a replacement P hydro followed by a Q class electric hydro and later will be converting an old 1/8th Scale Hydro “Tosti-Asti” to Fast Electric.

Craig has a FE 1/8th Scale Hydro on the building Jig “Oh Boy Oberto” which he built the hull using the latest “State of the Art” Carbon infusion technique. This will be followed by two ML Kits, one for N2 and one for P Hydro.

Phil has splashed out and bought a Blazer Gas Lauterbach kit and has a new Scale45 hydro ready for testing.

Wayne Lester has been converting and old Nitro 1/8th Scale hydro “Thriftway” to Gas which will be I assume, be dressed up like a GP boat. (Heard a rumour Jason may be driving this)

Harvey has bought himself a Baker Gas Classic hydro and is eager to run it.

Mark has a new nitro and electric 1/8th on the build plus a couple of other fe projects.

Rumour has it that Chris may have one or two more boats on his work bench shortly as well.

Scott has a P Offshore and a N2 Hydro ready.

Merv has his Q Hydro rady and is revamping the P hydro “Mr Whippy”

Bruce has acquired an N2 Hydro “Motul” and is giving this boat a total rebuild.

There are a few new Members and amongst them they have a variety of boats including UL1’s, P Electric Offshores, Gas Sports Hydros, Classic Hydros, Gas Cats and Deep Vees. More will be revealed over the coming months.

There are some other Secret Squirrel boats out there and some of them have been on the build for quite a while so don’t be surprised when they suddenly turn up when least expecting it.

We have a Building Report Section on this website and the Club Secretary will gladly accept any new building write-ups with photos for publishing.

PS This will be updated periodically so if you are building or know someone who is, let Merv know and he will add them to this list when updating.