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Race Write-ups

Club Racing 9th November 2014

By Phil Woodham

The water was like glass for this race day and it saw some very close racing in all classes run.

First up was N2 Hydro with Chris with his Red Devil and Phil with his Spider. Heat one was a close one with Phil taking the wide turns and Chris hugging the buoys. Heat one to Chris. Heat 2 and 3 the tables were turned and Phil ended up with 2 wins despite Spider doing some on the water aerobatics.

Next up was the P Offshore heat 1. Phil, Ivan, Scott and Chris all entered the water with great expectations. Phil took the lead and was way out in front until the flexi decided to knot itself thus putting him out of contention. Scott was on song and finished strongly for second place to Chris. Unfortunately Ivan flipped and had a DNF. Heat 2 saw Ivan, Chris and Scott line up for the start. Close race as all were going well. Scott flipped so had a DNF Ivan missed a buoy but that didn’t deter him on finishing his first ever heat race. Well done Ivan finishing second to the ever consistent Chris. Heat 3 saw Ivan and Chris line up but the after the start sounded Chris had the clean start and Ivan withdrew as he suffered radio problems. Chris got the win uncontested.

Next up was the 1/8th FE hydros.

Phil with his Elam and Chris with his Llumar hit the water. Phil nailed the start and Chris was a tentative 2nd over the line. Whilst driving we reminded ourselves that Tauranga is only a couple of weeks away and that we would take it easy. Well down the straights Phil let Elam fly and I think Chris did the same. An awesome race it was and it must have been a good one to watch as well. After the race both Chris and Phil looked at each other burst out laughing with shaky nervy hands and said that’s it no more till Tauranga.

Steven D turned up to have a look see and we coerced him into getting his new twin offshore deep vee for us all to have a look at. This boat is awesome and it’s very long. Can’t wait to see it on the water bud!

Jason then turned up with his new Petrol Scale Hydro for its first bottom wetting and by all accounts and the smile on Jason’s face all went reasonably well. Video of this can be seen on the clubs Facebook page.

Although not a lot of racing was done we had a really great morning and swopped some good ideas around which is what club life is all about.

Chris's Fleet


Ivan & Scott Chewing the Fat!


Ivan's P Offshore


Jason's new Petrol Hydro


Phils's Fleet


 Steve's Huge Offshore Twin


 Club Racing 12th October 2014

By Phil Woodham



Scott and I arrived at the pond to find Malcolm and Ivan there waiting for us to open the gates.


The water was as flat as a pancake with little or no wind.


We set out the course with Scott placing the buoys under the tutorledge of Malcolm’s eagle eye.


After the usual catch up and chinwag we were all taped up ready for the first heat of P Offshore.


Malcolm with Zippy, Phil with Red Lizard, Scott with The Mighty Quinn and Ivan with his speedy Cat.


Countdown clock on race started and a clean start was had by all with us all close around the top turn one and two. Malcolm then let loose Zippy and was never headed off. Ivan showed good speed and had just a bit of trouble keeping his boat upright. Phil had redone the CG on his boat and it was riding better but still very twitchy in the turns. Scott had great pace initially but his water jacket let go and put him out of the race. So heat one saw Malcom with Zippy take first place with Phil in second place with both Scott and Ivan with DNFs. This was also Ivan’s first competition race so I guess there was some nerves here to eh Ivan!!


Heat two shaped up to be a good one with the three of us Malcolm, Phil and Ivan as unfortunately Scott had to withdrawer.


Great start again. Phil’s boat was handling a bit better and showed good speed. Malcolm missed a buoy on turn 2 thus giving Phil the win and a DNF for Ivan. Heat three was much the same but this time both Ivan and Phil had DNFs. Phil’s batteries went off big time and Ivan went over again.


So Points standings for the day in P Offshore was:


Malcolm 29 points


Phil 21 points


Scott 2 points


Ivan 6 points.


Next up was the 1/8th Electrics. Malcolm with Miss Rock and Phil with Miss Elam. The weather gods must have seen that Scale hydros were on next as the water started to chop up. Almost to the point of saying nuh nek week boys. Anyways we both taped up and the first heat was a real good one. Both boats performed really well with Malcolm and Miss Rock taking the first heat.


Second heat was much the same although the start was a lot closer and they were impressive around turn one and two. Malcolm let Miss Rock have full power and Phil had to slow to negotiate turn three ( steering trim issues) Phil then push Miss Elam to full power up the home straight only to hook, flip, loose canopy and canard wing. So Malcolm got this heat as well. We didn’t run the third heat as it would only been Malcolm as Phil didn’t want to run without his canard wing. All was recovered and now Phil has some repairs to do to his Miss Elam.


So points for 1/8th FE Scale Hydro:


Malcolm 20 points


Phil 11 points


Great morning at the pond with a lot of knowledge shared and pointers taken on board by all. Exactly what club events should be about?


See you at the pond. Phil

Photo of the Day by Scott Woodham



Club Racing 28th September 2014


By Phil Woodham




The weather for this day was supposed to be really bad. In parts it was good but when it was time to race it turned just a tad blustery.


Anyways Chris and Phil taped up for the first of the P Hydro heats. The countdown clock was on and the heat started albeit slowly. Both Chris and Phil had to drive on and off the throttle to complete the first heat. Phil came out the winner with Chris in second place. The next heat of P Hydro shaped up to be a cracker as the water flattened out as we were taping up. The start was a good one with both Phil and Chris within a boat length of each other. Turn one rounded and good speed then turn two, still going strongish. Both boats were side by side until Chris took a gust of air and over went Devil Woman leaving Phil to complete the remaining laps uncontested.


So two heat wins to Phil and a Second and DNF for Chris.


Next up was Q hydro. Merv and Chris have the only boats in this class in the club and they are very quick to say the least. Both were on the money on the start and Merv showed great speed for the conditions. Man the Oh Boy was on rails and riding very well. Chris did some homework on props and found that the one he used in this heat wasn’t as good as the one he usually uses and hence his speed was down a tad. Therefore the first heat went to Merv driving Oh Boy and Chris took 2nd with U71.


Second heat of Q wasn’t contested as Mervs ESC developed and water leak which filled his boat on the first heat. Chris went out to run batteries down and his normal prop was way quicker so now this one is his go to prop.


So Q Hydro Heat one went to Merv driving Oh Boy and Chris driving U71 took second place points.


Chris gave us a brief demo of his Q offshore deep vee and this boat once sorted will be very quick.


Ivan also had made some mods to his P Cat and with flatter water in P Offshore will be very competitive.


Malcolm gave us a demo on driving skill and out and out speed with Sparky his petrol cat.


Next race day should be the 12th October, all going well as the pond is being drained this week for council inspection on the weed problem. Will keep you informed on this matter.



Club Racing 21st September 2014

By Scott Woodham


After the weather last weekend, this weekend wasn't fairing
much better, but racing was on!  Six of us braved the
conditions and had some good racing.
First up was the N2 Hydro class with Phil and Chris, The
start looked good and it was all on until Phil’s old LIPO
pack went on a fast discharge, giving Chris the win with Red
Then we had the first heat of 1/8th Electric Hydro’s, Man
these boats are quick! Again Phil was testing out some older
LIPOs and got a DNF this time. This left Merv, Malcom and
Chris to fight it out amongst themselves Merv won with
Peters and May, Chris second with Llumar and Malcom third
with the Rock.
Next up was the P Offshore, First heat was shaping up to be
a good one, with five boats.  Everyone got off to a clean
start, Scott spun The Mighty Quinn out at turn 1 but carried
on, then did the same thing again on lap 2, this time not
fairing so well. Hatch tape or paint let go, (not too sure
which spin is the culprit) rendering him dead in turn 1 and
more of a buoy than a boat as the hatch sunk to the muddy
depths. Malcom With Zippy took out first, Chris second with
Orange Thingee, and Brian in his first race got a third with
Short Black, both Phil and Scott had a DNF
About now was when the sun went away and the threatening
rain came down in a hurry. So we all huddled under Chris'
make shift tent.
Then we were back to N2 after the shower, with the second
heat much the same as the first. This time Phil had a good
battery pack in and racing looked to be tight until spider
decided to play submarine and hand Chris the win with Red
1/8th FE again, little different this time out. Phil had
his good batteries in and they were off. Merv with Peters
and May lost his cowling on lap one in a hook left turn
which let all others past. Malcolm with the Rock was
unstoppable taking the win, despite Phil’s best efforts Elam
could not catch him with a good show of speed in second, and
Chris home in Third.
Last heat for P offshore, with Scott out it was a four boat
heat, again a good start but Gremlins bugged Brian as his
shaft sheared off at the collet on lap 2, Malcom with Zippy
took the win ahead of Chris with Orange Thingee and Phil
with his red Lizzard.
It was decided that there would be no more heats as the
weather was going to pack in again, so we packed up and went
Points as follows
N2: Chris 20, two firsts
    Phil 18, two Seconds1/8th FE: Malcom 18 one first, one third
          Merv 17, one first and a fourth
          Chris 17, one second and a third
          Phil 11, one second and a DNFP Offshore: Malcom 20, Two firsts
            Chris 18, two seconds
            Brian 10, one third and a DNF
            Phil 10, one third and a DNF
            Scott 2, One DNF and one DNS



Club Racing 27th July 2014


The weather was good the buoys were out. It was 9am and we were waiting. Waiting for Donald Duck! (Chris) Finally he showed up. It is a long way from Disneyland I suppose. (The North Shore )

 Anyway, with everyone setup in the pit area it was N2 away first with Chris and Phil Ready to go. It was a clean start with Phil taking the line honours, only to miss the apex buoy in turn 1 and be relegated to last place. Giving Chris the win. Second Heat saw much the same with Phil getting the start, only to end up a DNF with a DNS, (Did Not Surface) Spider took a wee dive and ended up at the bottom of the pond for enough time that Chris could complete 3 laps, with Lil Betty Boop and take the win for Heat 2.P Hydro was up next and with 6 boats to be on the water at the same time, it was very tense for all involved. Phil got the start with Lil Squire and never looked back, Craig had some good speed, but needed less plane and more hydro! His newly repowered Gp335 is gunna be quick. Which left Scott, Darryl, Warren and Chris, to fight it out for the rest of the places.
Darryl with Maelstrom came in 2nd, with Chris and Red Devil Woman a close 3rd, Scott with Miss Addi right in behind in 4th and Warren and Ardia2 bringing not far behind.
The second Heat it was the same at the start, once again Lil Squire was the boat to beat! Warren hit a wake with Ardia2 and went over, the next lap in avoidance Gp 335 went over, (They don't like to turn left at full noise, aye Craig.) and Maelstrom encountered some sort of gremlin and it was left to Chris and Scott to battle it out. Miss Addi started as the trailer boat, and with Chris in the middle of all the action it was a hard task, but dead boats missed and buoys rounded ( For once ) Scott managed to catch Chris and pass him on the last turn for line honours in second, Chris very close behind.Q Hydro, and Chris was the only one there, so He did his 5 laps and got the maximum for the Heat. This is going to be a very competitive class so get in there guys!   

                                                Some of the Chris Breen Fleet Impressive!!


1/8th Fe was next on the programme Chris with Llumar, Malcolm with Miss Rock and Phil with Miss Elam Plus, it was shaping up to be a good couple of heats. Malcolm and Chris got away from the pits to mill, but Phil's' Elam was trying to be a Submarine rather than a Hydro, so he pulled out. Man, Malcolm's boat is quick! Even with the choppy Water and head wind up the front straight, he managed to keep her on the water, just to take the win from Chris. While they were untaping Phil got Scott to give Elam a Biff to get her up on plane. Well this is a quick boat. Unfortunately its almost the same colour as the buoy, which apparently can be confusing for the driver and one was hit, resulting in  a barrel roll and cart wheel. That ended Elam's day. With second heat underway, again, Malcolm hit the front and Chris couldn't catch him. Lunch was for gone in favour of not getting wet. This saw the gas Hydro's take to the water for a little testing. Everything was good and the timer was on for the first heat. Brian with Redline and Chris and Betty Boop, unfortunately pit time elapsed and Chris couldn't get Betty Boop to fire which gave Brian his first win. Second Heat  and this was a different story, both boats on the water and milling, awesome right? Not so much for Chris as Betty Boop and Redline had a coming together while Betty was on a full course mill and Redline didn't give way on the half course mill rendering Redline Dead in the water and Betty Boop with some quite bad damage and driven back to the pit area.
Brian did offer to help with the repairs and apologised.With that all done, Open water was declared which saw Brian
try out his P off shore, and Dean came down to check his noise levels on three of his boats that were deemed over the
NZMPBA' decibel limit the weekend before, and also to try out a couple of props on his gas Mono. That said, buoys in and packed up, a good day was had by all.
See ya at the Pond
Club Captain






Club Racing 13th April 2014

Race day again was bright and sunny with no wind. A good turn out with the P Hydro 5 boats. Merv had a problem in the first heat with a blown water jacket filling up his boat with water putting him out for the rest of the racing.

Phil showed good speed with Lil Squire but the man of the day was Darryl with a win and two second places.


1st Maelstrom 28pts

2nd Lil Sqire 26pts

3rd Miss Addi 19pts

4th Ardia 18pts

5th Who Dat 2pts



Chris bought his Q Class out for testing before he departs for a overseas trip and Brian bought along his Classic Gas Scale Hydro for a tune-up


Thanks to all those that helped during the day.

Some Videos of the Day!


Club Racing 23rd March 2014


Another beautiful morning which was ideal for some very fast boat racing.

 1/8th Scale Hydros, P Offshore and N2 Hydros made up the racing for the day.

James made his long trek from Warkworth.

Warren helped out with the lap counting

Chris was having FUN!


Here are some Photos and Videos taken by Malcolm, Chris, Merv and James

Thanks to Phil and Scott for set ting out the course, running the regatta, manning the BBQ, bringing in the buoys, etc

Phil picked up a bit of plastic which slowed him down.

(Turn on the HD for the videos)

Points for the Day

We had a good turn out of boats for the P (FE) Offshore boats and again we were short of pitmen so we decided to split these into 3 boat heats.


Boat                            Heat One         Heat Two         Heat Three       TOTAL

Spider (Phil)                  9                      9                     10                   28pts

Lil Craker (Merv)          10                    10                      2 DNS            22pts

Betty Boop (Chris)         2 DNF               2 DNF                0 DNS             4pts

P Offshore

Boat                            Heat 1A   Heat 1B   Heat 2A Heat 2B   Heat Three   TOTAL

Zippy (Malcolm)                               10                      10          10             30pts

Orange Thingie (Chris)     10                          10                       8              28pts

E-Motion (Merv                                  9                        9           9              27pts

Sicc-Ness (James)                             8                        2 DNF    0 DNS       10pts

Grim Reaper (Phil)           2 DNF                      2 DNF                 0 DNS       04pts

Mighty Quinn! (Scott)        2 DNF                     2 DNF                  0 DNS      04pts

FE 1/8ths Scale Hydros

Boat                            Heat One         Heat Two         Heat Three       TOTAL

Rock (Malcolm)              9                     10                       10               29pts

Llumar (Chris)               8                      8                          9               25pts

Peters & May (Merv)     10                      9                          2               21pts

Elam Plus (Phil)             2 DNF                2  DNF                  0 DNS        04pts



Horse Main weed is now showing signs of quick growth so the ponds may be drained in the next few weeks. 

Keep checking our website and face book for further updates.



Club Racing 9th March 2014


Some Club Members had other activities on that clashed with our normal Club Day so this kept our Member attendance down a bit.


The only class with more than 1 boat was the P Scale Hydro ( fe) with 5 entries.

Getting ready to race

We had very good race water with hardly any wind and expectations were running high with all the secret testing going on it was going to be some interesting racing.


As you can see in the video in heat one, all was going sweet until Ardia hit the boat wash and rolled on the top corner. Unfortunately with not having enough pitmen Lil Squire had an altercation with Ardia, putting an end to both of their days racing. Ms Addi slowed down to avoid hitting the boats and also suffered a problem and took on water. Maelstrom carried on her winning way, followed by Merv with his on again, off again ESC problem.

Retriving the boats

Heat 2 and 3 was a benefit day For Darryl whom bought Maelstrom home for 3 good wins and more points on the Hi-Point Score Sheet.


MaelStrom 30pts, WhoDat 20pts, Ardia 2pts, Ms Addi 2pts, Lil Squire 2pts.


Thanks to Malcolm and Scott for the video and photos


Hi-Points are now updated


Next Club Day is 23rd March


Club Racing 2nd March 2014

By Chris Breen


As a number of members were at a SUHA Regatta in Tauranga on the fourth Sunday in February, we moved that club day to the 2nd March.



Conditions were absolutely perfect with little or no wind and nice flat water. We alternated electric classes rather than ran back-to-back races and this worked out pretty well allowing some time for temperatures to drop and batteries to be recharged as desired.


N2 Hydro had four boats. Merv with Little Cracker took out a win in each of the three heats, with Phil in Spider getting 3 second places. Chris & Jason, both in Libero hulls (but slightly different motors, paint jobs and set-ups) had mixed results with a couple of DNFs or DNSs apiece.



P Offshore saw 5 boats competing. Malcolm’s Zippy had the legs and took two wins and a second. Jason in Line 7 took the other win and a second plus a DNS in the third heat. Chris in Orange Thingi took a second and a third. Merv in E-motion had two DNFs and poor Phil in Grim Reaper didn’t manage a finish in any of the three races.


Electric 1/8ths saw 4 boats. Chris in Llumar had steering problems (turn right was Ok, but no turn left...tricky if you get a little inside your chosen lane!!!!!) and pulled into the centre of the course in the last two heats. Merv in Peters and May took three wins and Phil in Elam took a second and third Malcolm in Miss Rock saw his brand new ESC perform well to deliver two second places.


The only smelly class to run was Class 1 Sprints where Malcolm’s Sparky completed a single heat to earn him 10 class points.



Thanks to Phil for running this event and organizing the BBQ



Members helping out a newbie



All photos taken by Scott Foote…..Thanks Scott.


Videos by Scott Foote and Jason Lester (remember to click the HD on the video)



Points for the Day


Boat                            Heat One         Heat Two         Heat Three       TOTAL

Lil Craker (Merv)         10                    10                    10                    30pts

Spider (Phil)                 9                      9                      9                    27pts

Libereo (Jason)             2 DNF               8                     0 DNS              10pts

Llumar (Chris)              8                      2 DNF              0 DNS              10pts

P Offshore

Boat                            Heat One         Heat Two         Heat Three       TOTAL

Zippy (Malcolm)              9                    10                    10                   29pts

Line 7 (Jason)               10                     9                     0 DNS             19pts

Orange Thingie               8                     0 DNS              9                    17pts

E-Motion (Merv)              7                     2 DNF              2 DNF              11pts

Grim Reaper (Phil)          2 DNF              2 DNF              0 DNS              04pts

FE 1/8ths Scale Hydros

Boat                            Heat One         Heat Two         Heat Three       TOTAL

Peters & May (Merv)     10                    10                    10                  30pts

Elam Plus (Phil)             8                      2  DNF               9                  19pts

Rock (Malcolm)             9                      9                       0 DNS           18pts

Llumar (Chris)              7                      2 DNF                 2 DNF           11pts

Class I Sprint Racing

Boat                            Heat One         Heat Two         Heat Three       TOTAL

Sparky (Malcolm)        10                                                                   10pts


Club Racing 9th February 2014

Our first Club race day since Xmas had a small turn out which was a pity as the weather and water was good for racing.
It was good to see a few new people come down to pick our brains on the r/c boats
We had a good turn out in the P Hydro (fe) with 5 boats entered. We ran 3 heats but as the day wore on we had withdrawals which left us just two boats for the last heat. Highlights were Darryl and Scott taking out their first wins each in P Hydro which also was their first ever Club wins in any class. Good One Guys!
Merv also ran his Budweiser followed by Malcolm and his 7.5cc Cat “Obsession”
Earlier, Malcolm did a test run with his fe 1/8th Scale Hydro and did a 360degree loop, landed right side up but unfortunately his cowl moved forward and he ran over it and snapped the rudder bracket off.
Malcolm was very pleased to say his GPS showed 103kph….a very fast boat.
Thanks to the guys for helping to set up.
Hi-Points have been updated.


Club Racing 24th November 2013


By Phil Woodham

Today was the last race day for 2013 and we ran the 4th Sunday’s format which saw N2 Hydro up first.

Quite a good turn out of boats for this heat with Scott with Ol Squire, Phil with Spider, Merv with Lil Cracker and Chris with Red Devil Woman.

Merv ran into trouble before even launching his boat breaking the collet on his shaft putting him out of the first heat.

The timing clock was set and the remaining three boats took off.

Heading up the home straight to the start line Spider got the start with Red Devil Woman showing good speed as was Ol Squire. Ever heard the expression to finish first, first you must finish well this happened to Phil as he was out in front and his flex cable broke and the Scott’s Ol Squire decided to take a tumble and then thermalled. So Chris ended up the winner.

Next up we decided to run he 1/8th Electric Hydros.

This promised to be a great race with 4 hydros entered. Merv with Peters & May, Chris with LLumar, Phil with Miss Elam and Malcolm with his newly acquired Miss Rock.

Malcolm had a test drive of Miss Rock before entering the first heat just to come to grips with the characteristics of the boat.

Needles to say this was like riding a bike for Malcolm as he's had some very quick Nitro 1/8ths in the past and this seemed like second nature to him.

Anyways we were all put on the clock and Elam got the start with Merv and Peters & May chasing hard followed by Malcolm and Miss Rock . Chris had the misfortune of flipping over in this heat and Malcolm had a lead come off his esc so didn't finish. We saw some good close racing for 5 laps and the finish order was Phil with Elam 1st, Merv with Peters & May 2nd.Malcolm with Miss Rock DNF and Chris with a DNF

Second heat again was a great start with all boats making the start line in a good line up. (Nothing like seeing 3 Hydros hitting the front straight altogether). Unfortunately Malcolm had issues with Miss Rock and didn't enter this heat.

Anyways Merv got a great start and was never really headed off and left Chris and Phil to fight out for 2nd and third. Phil had 2nd place sewn up on lap 4 but ........ judgment reared its ugly head and he missed the buoy on turn 3 therefore relegating him to last place and making the final order of the heat Merv 1st Chris 2nd and Phil in third. Great racing and quite a spectacle to see these 1/8th scale boats racing at speeds in excess of 90kph.

Malcolm is now the proud owner of Miss Rock KISW

Both Phil and Merv elected not to run their Scale 45s as the water was chopping up just a tad to much for racing these boats.

Next up was P Offshore and we had Scott with his green decked Delta copy, Phil with his Delta 21 named Grim Reaper, Merv with his newish Pursuit, Malcolm with his Lizard and new comer to the scene all the way from Warkworth, James with his catamaran.

Again the clock was started and all was good until Phil and James had a small altercation on turn 3 and both ended upside down and out of the heat. NO damage to either boat thank goodness.

This left Merv, Scott and Malcolm to go for the win. Well Merv got the win very impressively with Malcolm coming home in second with Scott ending upside down after taking an unexpected flip.

Heat 2 saw three boats entered with James having steering servos issues withdrew. The water was getting fairly choppy and Merv and Phil decided to go for the start all out. Into turn one we went side by side and unfortunately Merv ended upside down and unable to continue. Both Merv and Phil were heard mumbling “we shouldn't have done that eh!!!” Malcolm didn't take long to catch Phil and took the lead followed by Scott. Phil then decided to flip his boat on the last turn thus giving Scott his first second place points ever!!!  Great racing and fun for those on the bank watching.

Malcolm and Merv were up next with there class one boats. Malcolm with Sparky (Petrol powered) and Merv with Murph a 90 Picco.Cat.  Open water was declared whilst Scott got the BBQ going for lunch.

After much trying to get Murph running Merv decided to pull out of the heat. Malcolm put on a very impressive display of driving and speed with Sparky but in order to miss a buoy on turn 4 coming up for the win he flipped in great fashion giving him a DNF.

A great day guys and all went home with no damage to their boats.

Thanks to Chris, Warren and Malcolm for lap scoring and to Scott for cooking the BBQ for lunch.

Next race day will be in January 2014 due to the pond being drained to kill off the weed and give us clear water again.

Keep watching our facebook page for updates.


Hi-Points have been updated.


Club Racing 10th November 2013


There was a very small turnout on Sunday which was a pity as we had good racing conditions. 

We started with P Hydro FE and had 4 starters and ran 3 heats one after the other. Heat one had the 4 boats more or less all together at the start with Chris driving Llumar in lane one followed by (Darryl) Malstrom, (Warren) Ardia and (Merv) Who Dat.

Merv flipped Who Dat on the first turn trying to get pass Ardia and Chris sprinted away from Malstrom. 

Ardia then caught up to Malstorm who drifted out wide on the turn to let Ardia through and that is how they stayed to the finish, a good win to Llumar.

Ardia then took on the wall and lost doing a bit of damage to a sponson. This was tapped up with the help of a few others and Warren was again ready to race.

Heat 2 gave another win to Llumar followed by Malstrom with Who Dat Stopping with esc cut-off problems and Ardia refusing to run after been launched.

Heat 3 saw a small altercation after Malstrom flipped leading up to the start and Llumar promptly running over her. (Luckily not too much damage to either boat) Who Dat went dead in the water after launching leaving Ardia with a comfortable win. 

Points for the day, Llumar 22pts, Ardia 21pts, Malstrom 19pts and Who Dat 6pts

In Classic Gas Hydros we had Chris with Llumar, Merv with Miss Coruba and Brian with Heineken. Brian had a push rod steering problem and decided not to race and this left Chris and Mervtofight out a few races. Chris drove Llumar to a win in the first heat when Miss Coruba went off song and Merv withdrew it from the race so not to over heat anything. 

Miss Coruba won the second heat and Llumar withdrew with a detached steering arm. 

Since both boats are racing next weekend at the SUHA Governors Cup in Tauranga they decided to race anymore and save their equipment. 

Malcolm was the only ClassII boat and Merv had the only 1/8th Scale hydro boat and both elected not to run them.

We had two visitors from Warworth, James & Lee and they bought their newly acquired “Surge Crusher” along for some advice. The boat runs very well and will be very competitive and we hope to see them on the 24th Dec for some P Offshore Racing.

Well thats all for now, Thanks to Malcolm and Jeff for helping out. 

Hi-Points have been updated. See you on the 24th Dec.




Club Racing 27th October 2013



Sunday turned out to be really fine in the morning with flat water, quite good considering the weather forecast was for blustery winds with showers. Well the rain stayed away but the wind did come up later in the day which made the water un-raceable for the Scale 45’s.


Boat numbers were down because of the long weekend but we had enough for races and it was good to see Brian with his Class I Cat and the newly aquired Baker Classic Hydro (ex Heineken)


We started with the N2 hydros and Phil took the honours for the day. P Offshore was a good tussle between Malcolm, Phil and Merv with Malcolm extending his Hi-points lead by 22 points. Elam Plus and Peters & May did put on a spectacular race in the FE 1/8th hydro with their brightly coloured boats.


Merv had a new Class I cat but had starting issues, not been in the water before and decided to call it a day. Brian was having ignition problems and also withdrew leaving Malcolm’s Sparky to run Class I sprint on its own. Scale 45 decided it was to rough to race so will have a bit of a run next weekend on the Club practice day.


Brian had a test run with the Baker hydro and it looked good and will be a fast boat once a few bugs have been sorted out.


Thanks to Phil for the BBQ and Jeff & Warren for helping out when needed. It was good to see interest from the public, one in particular that spotted us as he drove pass and stopped in for 5mins and left 2hrs later. (Hope to see you again soon)


Points have been added to the Hi-Points on the website under Racing Info.


Come on down next Sunday as a few boats will be out testing from 9am to midday.


C U There….




Racing on Sunday 20th October

By Chris Breen

With conditions lousy on our usual race day on the 13th, we shifted racing to the third Sunday.  The 20th was almost a perfect day, fine and warm with little breeze – almost good enough for a swim.

First up was P Hydro (4S). With new members Darryl & Warren we had an excellent turn-out of 6 boats, including four UL1s (in various colour schemes thank goodness).  Nevertheless 6 boats in a heat was problematic and we’ll split the fleet into heats in future.

  The UL1s delivered exciting racing.  Craig took heat 1 followed by Warren then Chris, Darryl flipped and Merv and Phil suffering gear problem and a misplaced transmitter.....  Heat two saw virtually a reversal of fortune with Phil and Darryl taking first and second followed by Craig, Chris, Merv then Warren. Towards the end of the day, with the water quite lumpy, Chris was talked into a third heat. So Chris putted over the mountainous seas at about half throttle to a win, while the others flipped, submarined, cut buoys and otherwise suffered miscellaneous mayhem.  At day’s end Chris had 25 points, Warren 22, Craig 20, Phil 19, Darryl 13 and Merv 10.

Malcolm then ran Obsession over a 5 lap circuit to earn 10 points for Class II Sprint.  Cleaning out the accumulated debris clogging small holes inside Obsession’s pipe has solved a speed problem that has been frustrating Malcolm recently.  A lesson worth remembering if performance seems to have inexplicably fallen away.

1/8 scale Nitro was next with three boats, but was bedevilled by gremlins and feathers.  Craig’s Jaspers was the only boat to perform and took out all three heats with Merv’s Bud and Phil’s Miss Madison unable to finish a heat.  At day’s end Craig had a further 30 points with Merv and Phil 6 each.

P Hydro
Heat One

Superior (Craig) 10
Superior II (Warren) 9
UL1 (Chris) 8
Who-Dat (Merv) 2 DNF (Drive Dog Slipped)
Superior III (Darryl) 2 (Flipped)
Lil Squire (Phil) 0 DNS (no transmitter)

Heat Two (all finished)
Lil Squire (Phil) 10
Superior III (Darryl) 9
Superior (Craig) 8
UL1 (Chris) 7
Who-Dat (Merv) 6
Superior II (Warren) 5

Heat Three (rough water)
UL1 (Chris) 10
Lil Squire (Phil) 9
Superior II (Warren) 8
Superior III (Darryl) 2 ?
Superior (Craig) 2 Flipped
Who-Dat (Merv) 2 Flipped

Total Hi-Points
UL1 (Chris) 25
Superior II (Warren) 22
Superior (Craig) 20
Lil Squire (Phil) 19
Superior III (Darryl) 13
Who-Dat (Merv) 10

1/8th Nitro Scale Hydro
Heat One

Jaspers (Craig) 10
Madison (Phil) 2
Budweiser (Merv) 2

Heat Two
Jaspers (Craig) 10
Madison (Phil) 2
Budweiser (Merv) 2

Heat Three
Jaspers (Craig) 10
Madison (Phil) 2
Budweiser (Merv) 2

Total Hi-Points
Jaspers (Craig) 30
Madison (Phil) 6
Budweiser (Merv) 6

Class II Sprint
Obsession (Malcolm) 10points



Club Racing Wattle Farm Ponds 13/10/13

No racing today as the water was to rough to race on. Racing is now on the 20th October, same programme as the 2nd Sunday which can be viewed bottom of the HOME page.

Club Racing Wattle Farm Ponds 22/09/13

Well guys what a great day, the Club Captain sent an email out to make for a late start to allow for the weather and also those that wanted to watch the Americas cup.

We arrived down the pond and started setting up at 10:30, thanks to Phil and Scott for setting up the course.
A new member Warren came down to show us his UL1 but it turned out to be a little rough to run.
We opted not to run N2 Hydro as it was a little rough.
We ran two heats of P Offshore in which Malcolm dominated both with Zippy
The first heat went well with Zippy holding a steady lead all the way round the course followed by Line 7 and Grim Reaper, Merv with Orange Roughy done some interesting acrobatics down on the bottom corner and had a DNF.
Just after the heat finished on the way back to the bank Phil ran into troubles with his steering servo mount which took him out for the rest of the day
Heat two and it was a little rougher with Zippy taking the lead again, Line 7 then Orange Roughy missed a buoy and then Zippy missed a buoy, talk about lead changes.
Malcolm with Zippy took the win followed by Line 7 , Orange Roughy found some unsettling water down in the bottom corner and rolled over taking another DNF.
Malcolm having the only Class 1 boat ran one heat with Sparky showing how well that boat handles and responds in the rough, definitely motivation to get a Class 1 boat back going.
P Offshore
Heat 1
Zippy                1st 10 points  
Line 7               2nd 9 points  
Grim Reaper      3rd 8 points  
Orange Roughy  DNF 2 points  
Heat 2
Zippy                1st 10 points  
Line 7               2nd 9 points  
Orange Roughy  DNF 2 points 
Grim Reaper      DNS 0 points  ???
Class 1
Sparky        1st 10 points



Club Racing Wattle Farm Ponds 08/09/13


Due to weather conditions we were only able to run our "P" Offshore boats.

Heres hoping that at our next club day the weather gods are more favorable to us and we can get more classes of boats running.


P Offshore
Heat One:
Malcolm   Zippy               1st  10 points
Jason       Line 7              2nd  9 points
Mark        Callan Marine   3rd   8 points
Craig        Motul               DNF 2 points
Heat Two:
Craig       Motul               1st  10 points
Malcolm  Zippy               DNF  2 points
Jason      Line 7              DNF  2 points

Club Racing Lake Hakanoa 7th April 2013

 We raced at Lake Hakanoa while our pond is drained to try and kill the algae. The Club had one of the best turnouts for a long time with eleven competitors and to top it off we had good racing water. It was good to see the Multie boats making a good show in the 3 class groups.
N2 had 4 entries and Hayden showed great driving with his first win EVER! Phil tried his best but could not catch the beautifully prepared “Ollie”. Jason flipped and Merv had a DNS with an electrical malfunction. Good win Hayden.
Ltd P Offshore win went to Jason in “Line 7” followed by Mark in his twin powered cat running on 4S Split between the two motors. Merv flipped his “Orange Roughie” and did not finish.
21 Multies had 5 entries but Tony and Phil’s boats both didn’t make the start. Herman won this race with 30 laps followed by Warwick on 23 and Jason on 22laps.
Scale 45 had 2 starters but both boats decided to withdraw through one reason or another.
C Multi had 3 starters with Herman doing a whopping 70 laps. Andrew followed with 44 laps and Tony was 3rd with 5laps.
Class I sprint had 4 entries and raced 4 heats. Andrew took out the win with 30pts. Visitor Simon driving “Coruba” took 2nd equal with Mark driving “Longlite” both on 27 pts. Merv retired “Express” after the first heat.
Last race of the day was the 45 Multi-boats with 3 entries and Warwick won doing 32 laps followed by Herman on 11 and Tony with 8 laps.
Thanks to the Central Club for the loan of the dinghy and buoys and to Phil in helping to run the events. Phil also won the $50.00 raffle
Next Club Day will be announced once we know when the pond at Wattle Downs will be filled.
More photos in Clubs Gallery on Face Book ... 496&type=3