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Building of the Fastest Electric Boat in NZ

 By Graham Wheeler 

Getting the angles right (I hope) 

Setting out the position of the sponsons on paper

My home made vacuum pump, made from a old fridge motor and a few
parts lying around plus a switch and $15 vacuum guage all up cost $65!!!

Hatch top foam mold cut on the bandsaw to shape of the hull

First set of the sponsons

Sponsons made of light ply and blue foam ,shaped, and will be glassed over

First job for the new vacuum pump ,1 layer of 6oz fibregass,1 layer of carbon fibre, and another 6oz cloth .
A few pinholes but not bad for a first effort

Didn't like the first set of sponsons so these are the new ones
More volume and moved the trailing edge back a bit

The motor is a Nue 1527 1.5/D which is 1500 KV so that will give me 29.6 X 1500 = 44,400 rpm.
The controller is a Schultz 40-160 good for 160 amps continuous or 210 amp burst.

These are the lipo batterys that will power it they are 4S1P each to give 29.6 volts

Aluminium motor mount  and brass1/4inch stuffing tube fitted.
8mm to 3/16 flex shaft Octura fitting still needs a support under end of tube.

The body has been epoxied on to the tub and the hatch cutout, hatch lip glued on,
some foam in the hatch just in case!!     Note: hatch designed to be EASY to tape.

Final Layout, batterys are in the front 

Added some aluminium plate for running surfaces (nice and sharp)

Finally finished the water pickup ,thrust bearing added, thats a Octura 1655 prop,
sharpened and balanced but not modified yet.

Wow! Painted and ready to GO!!!

Low profile and sleek shape for SPEED!!!

YES!!! 131.5kph a New Zealand Record.                           Now for the 160k mark (100mph)!!!!!!!!!