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Venue: Wattle Farm Rd Pond Manurewa

2nd & 4th Sunday of each month from about 10.30 am


Secretary:        Glen Sayers                 Editor   Chris Breen

                        9 Reyland Close                       12 Sunset Rd

                        Manurewa                               Glenfield

                        Ph 267 2607                              Ph 4445 482                              September 2002



World Model Class FSRV 2002 Poland

Members from our club have just finished competing at the World Champs and finished in the top 30 which is a great achievement considering the amount of entries received for each event.

FSRV - Senior 15cc   Antony Kockott   21st

FSRV - Senior 7.5cc Antony Kockott   23rd

FSRV - Junior 3.5cc   Adriane Kockott 21st

FSRV - Junior 3.5cc   Warrick Kockott   29th

Congratulations to the Kockott Family

Check out photos and placing's at:


The Burns Rum Regatta was held on Sunday 11th August in cool but reasonable conditions with a moderate breeze. Luckily the rain stayed away until after racing was complete. We had a moderate turn out of club members but unfortunately no out-of-town visitors.

First up was the hydroplane heats. It was excellent to see a good fleet of 1/8th scale hydros: Merv with Budweiser, Malcolm with Miller Light, Chris with Llumar, Jason with Winston Eagle and Glen with York. Conditions on the day before had been vicious so the course was moved up-wind a distance to keep away from the chop we expected to develop near the carpark end of the pond. As it turned out, conditions varied through the hydro heats from a gentle to quite a stiff breeze. The chop never reached Saturday's heights but still needed watching in turns 3 and 4. Starts in all heats were particular good with several if not all boats starting together at full noise and on the clock.

Malcolm was the first of the day to disagree with a buoy but luckily without damage and landed right way up. Gremlins continued to plague Malcolm but there can be no doubt that Miller Light is very fast. The Mac motors are potent, if a little tricky to operate. The first heat saw Bud (also very fast) take the win with Llumar second. Unfortunately Winston Eagle broke a flex shaft and was forced to withdraw. Heat two saw Bud again cross first followed by York and Llumar. Heat 3 began to show the pattern with Bud again first, York second. During that heat Llumar unfortunately ran through York's Rooster Tail and drowned the driver. Heat 4 saw Bud win followed by Llumar. The final heat saw Malcolm overcome his gremlins and Budweiser flip to give a win to Miller Light followed by York and Llumar.

Excellent racing. With Terry in Ultra Bold and Dash we now have at least six 1/8th scales on the water and a few more in the wings!!!

Lunch was again catered by Maggie Burns and the hot sausages were very welcome in the cool.

After lunch we moved into the Feature Handicap event with six entrants:

Malcolm in Skulduggery, Jason in Coke Cola, Bruce in Victory, Wayne in his new petrol Scarab, Brent in Ballistics and Chris in Lemon & Paeroa. Chris had not tested L&P since swapping motors and unfortunately during the first test runs the engine mount developed a problem and L&P had to withdraw.

Each boat ran a timed lap to set handicaps. Heat elapsed time was 2 minutes 30 seconds with Wayne and Jason ran off scratch, Chris off 6 seconds, followed by Bruce on 18 seconds, Brent on 30 and Malcolm on 36 seconds. Handicap scoring is complex with demerit points taken off for finishing either over or under the perfect elapsed time of 150 seconds

Heat 1 saw Jason just pip Wayne with others DNF. Heat 2 saw a Jason, Wayne, Bruce, Malcolm order of finish. Heat 3 saw a Malcolm, Wayne, Jason, Bruce. Heat 4: Wayne, Malcolm, Jason, Bruce. Heat 5 Wayne and Jason dead heat, Malcolm, and Bruce.

First prize went to Wayne (1214 pts), second to Jason (1202), third to Malcolm (922) with Bruce on 875.

Consistency once again holding the day!! One certain blue catamaran wacked a buoy no less than 3 times! Other miscreants on the day were Brent and Jason ($30 into the club funds !!)

All up a very enjoyable day of racing

Hamilton World Cup

Our Club was very well represented at Hamilton though the weather was not favourable to racing, with the wind and waves making it hard to negotiated around the course and several of us ended up under the water more than on top of it. Those of us that managed to stay upright did fairly well, and it was good to see our members using the throttle as much as the rudder to control the boats.

Saturday was greeted with a fairly flat lake with the winds expected to build up over the day. The course was set up on the Yacht Club side on Friday evening with the anticipation that it would be the calmer of the two sides. The racing started with the stick boats in fairly flat water but by the time the final heat was raced the wind had came up and water had became quite rough. No one in our Club participated in this event but we had 5 in the next race, which was the offshore. This was split into two groups of 7 boats, with each boat having two 15 minutes heats each day and the points for the four heats accumulated.

By now the conditions had deteriorated and for our Club Members it was basically a drive to survive. Brent, Tony and Jason were finding the conditions not to their liking and were playing submarines. Even the bigger boats of Malcolm and Graham found the going tough and were blown sideways and were finding it impossible to keep their boats on the course. Only a few laps were completed for our guys in this heat and once the race was over, it was decided to pack up and go to the other side of the lake were it seemed to be more sheltered.

Once set up the Sport 45 was the next race with 7 entries and Jason and Merv were out testing the water. Still not hydro water, rough on the first turn and very lumpy down the back straight with the rest of the course taken at speed with caution to the head wind. The 1 lap sprints was again a survival exercise and Jason won this in 27secs, well done! Merv was not able to finish his lap (Got the record for best submarine act!). The heat racing was next up and it was a struggle for the little boats with the conditions and we had Merv withdraw, as his boat was set up for flat water. Jason ploughed on and drove very well and won one or two heats, which got him into the final, which he claimed 3rd spot, again well done!

The last race of the day was offshore heat racing and the course was moved out into the rough water a bit, which did not suit our boats at all. The guys thought they would give it a go with Brent and Tony again playing submarines, Graham, Malcolm and Jason fairing a lot better than in their earlier heats, albeit at half throttle.

Well that was Saturday, we all went home hoping the weather would be better for Sunday!


We were greeted by a very nippy (Editor’s note: It wasn’t “nippy”, it was bloody freezing !) morning with a breeze and slight chop. It was decided to run the offshore later in the day as the weather was forecasted to get worse as the day progressed. The stick boats were run first and this gave our boys who were running the 1/8th Scales a bit of time to locate some warm shelter and try and de-numb their bodies. We had 4 entries in this event and it was a pity that the weather was against us as it was very rough on the top turn and very lumpy down the back straight. Merv withdrew after suffering damage to his rudder bracket. Malcolm found the cold weather was playing havoc with his tunning and it was noticed that his carburettor was having a lot of condensation around it. (Maybe he might need to preheat his fuel) Terry and Chris struggled on with Chris making the finals. Attrition was fairly high through out the racing and it struck again in the final take all with Chris succumbing to the trying conditions.

The Offshore was again on the same course as Saturday, which did not suit our boats, and Graham, Jason and Malcolm tried their best in the unfamiliar water conditions. Brent looking at the conditions shook his head and withdrew. Tony should’ve got an award for determination as I lost count of how many times he relaunched after being swamped on the top corner (He did show them on Saturday that he has one fast boat when he took it for a run in the Lunch break on the flatter water and had peoples eyes popping out!!) (Club Members watch out!)

Tony also won best-presented Offshore and Malcolm picked up 3rd spot.

The Bonus Points to be added to competitors Club points are:

Scale 45           Jason Lester                  20pts    3rd

1/8th Scale        No finishers

Class One        Graham Doggett            20pts    5th

                        Malcolm Miller               18pts    8th

                        Brent Harrison               16pts    15th

                        Tony Belle                     14pts    16th

Class Two        Jason Lester                  20pts    6th


Some members still to pay their 2002/2003 subscriptions (covers up until June 2003) $30

Those who are financial know that they are, so if you are not sure, you are probably non-financial at the moment.

Manukau Model Power Boat Club AGM on 2/8/02


Tony Belle

Wanyne Lester

Brent Harrison

Maggie, Bruce and Dad Burns

Jason Lester

Chris Breen

Malcolm Miller

Merv Sowden

Terry Wilson

Ralph McCleery

Glen Sayers


Meeting opened at 7.20

Apologies Phil Leach and Phil Duthie


from the last meeting read by Glen. Accepted by Jason, seconded by Malcolm, passed

There is a meeting on Monday with the council and Merv regarding the building of the drivers stand.

Note regarding the membership of the Burns family in return for their continued support of the club.


Treasurer is to look into the bank charges being made on the club. Apparently the fees may be exempt for incorporated societies.

Financial statement submitted by the treasurer. Accepted by Peter Wright, seconded by Wayne Lester. Passed.

Fire extinguisher – does any one know if the club posses one?

Malcolm Miller will hold the club first aid Kit.

Discussion was held regarding the club fees and it was decided to stay with the current sub & day fees. ($30 sub & $3 day fee)

Chris is to look into purchasing a second hand motor for the club dingy.

Accepted by Jason and seconded by Malcolm. Passed.

Club elections.

President Malcolm Miller                        – Accepted Jason and seconded Merv Passed

VP Jason Lester                                    – Accepted Merv and seconded Brent passed

Club Secretary Chris Breen                    – Accepted Merv and seconded Ralph passed

Treasurer Maggie Burns             – Accepted Malcolm and seconded Mr Burns passed

Club Captain      Merv Sowden                 – Accepted Brent and seconded Jason, passed with a proviso that Merv can nominate in the event of his absence.

Committee Members:                             -All those present. – Accepted Brent seconded Chris. passed

Publicity Officer.                                    -Left for the year.

Bulleting editor. Chris Breen                    – Accepted Glen seconded Ralph passed

Comment made that help with articles is always appreciated.

General Business

Chris is to look for a second hand outboard for the club dingy.

Jason raised the issue of doing some work on the driveway but it is currently pretty good and we are hoping a little more gravel will be dropped in the near future.

Merv brought out the new club rule books. These look excellent and will be of great value to (financial) club members. Merv is to be reimbursed $159.64 – Accepted Malcolm and seconded Glen, passed

Merv spoke regarding the Burns Rally This will be run as a Time handicap race. A Program will be sent out.

Speed Runs. Glen is to dig out the old Speed records for the club. Club speed runs will be held over the next few weeks. The club course has been accepted by the nation body once a few minor checks are made.

Hamilton Race points are to be added to the club points as a means of encouraging people to visit other clubs. They will be added at double the normal rate.

Members are encouraged to bring along disused equipment every fourth Sunday for a swap meet. Could be an excellent habit to get into and remember most the gear sold is sold to other club members.

Club Cards and tapes are to be shared around club members in the hope they will be given to prospective members.

Wayne is going to look into getting another round of club caps.

The next meeting is to be held on the 4th of October.

Meeting was declared closed a 8.28 pm.



Class & Boat

Max Speed (Km/h)

Peter Wright

7.5 cc Tempest DV


Wayne Lester

? DV


Chris Breen

3.5 DV


Jason Lester

? DV


Phil ?

? Cigarette DV


Ralph McCleary

? Enforcer DV


Brian ?

? Enforcer DV


Glen Sayers

? Sayers Special DV


Chris Breen

45 Scale Hydro


Wayne Lester

45 Tunnel


Don’t those sound SLOOOOWWWW…..

New Zealand Speed records can be found here The following selection may be of interest to certain club members.

C Scale hydro    96.2 Km/h

C2 Deep V        80.6 Km/h

P2 Deep V        57.8 Km/h

P2 Hydro           89.7 Km/h


Resin Casting (By the Editor)

I have purchased (at not insignificant expense I might add) some re-meltable moulding rubber. I bought it to make a second eye-piece surround for some antique binoculars that I own, (see below). At my FIRST attempt I succeeded, and after some minor finishing have a totally serviceable fitting even down to the screw-on threads. The technique is equally applicable to scale fittings for our boats. Obvious applications are driver figures and scale exposed engines.

The rubber is intended for resin casting and melts at about 120 degrees C so it cannot be used for metal castings. It is packaged by Golding Handcrafts in Wellington but I got it from a local art and craft shop. If anyone wants a part cast, give it to me and I will see what I can do.

Technique is very simple:

1) Give some thought as to how to arrange the plug so you can release the part (both the plug and the new part) from the solidified rubber. This is quite flexible so under-cuts can be accommodated to a considerable extent.

2) Arrange the plug in a suitable container, and figure out how to stop the plug floating (small weight on a wire tripod??)

3) Melt the rubber in a pot on the stove. Follow instructions about constant stirring, max temperature, and letting it stand for a bit to allow air bubbles to escape.

4) Carefully pour into and over the plug to avoid trapping air bubbles. Note: no release agent is necessary !. Let cool. Once cold the rubber is easily pulled free of the plug surface. Undercuts etc are OK but need a little care. If too many air bubbles just re-melt & try again !!!!

5) Mix up your favourite epoxy and cast a new part.

Also works perfectly for glass-fibre lay-ups, and VERY easy to release from the mould !!

Quiet Pipe Design

Wayne Lester has also developed the following muffler layout for Petrol applications:



Club Points Standings (2002/2003 year) (includes Hamilton, & Burns Regatta Hydros)



Total Enduro Points)

Total Sprint Points


Class I Off-Shore


Graham Doggett

Ohio Steel



Peter Wright




Adrian Milanesi

Orange &white thingi


Adrian Milanesi



38 +40+10

Glen Sayers

Blue thingi



Wayne Lester

Bud Dry


Jason Lester

Coca Cola



Tony Webster

Martini Racing


Tony Belle




Malcolm Miller




Adrienne Kockott



Tony Kockott



Brian Nesbitt



Phil Leach



Russell Day



Jeremy & Brett Harrison




Chris Breen

Lemon & Paeroa




Class II Off-Shore


Peter Wright




Glen Sayers

Steves Model shop



Bruce Burns




Bruce Burns

Red Devil



Jason Lester



Jason Lester

Bud Dry



Malcolm Miller

Red Boat


Graham Doggett


Warrick Kockott





Glen Sayers

York (1/8th)



Chris Breen

Black Fire (45)


Chris Breen

Llumar (1/8th)



Malcolm Miller

Miller High life(1/8th)



Terry Wison

Ultra Bold & Dash(1/8th)



Jason Lester




Jason Lester

DeWalt (1/8th)


Jason Lester

Winstone Eagle (1/8th)



Merv Sowden

Radical Rat (45)


Merv Sowden

Miss Bud (1/8th)




Editor’s Note I think these may still be for sale ??

1/8 Scale Hydro hull,deck & rear cowl in fibreglass ( based on the same hull as budweiser ) needs completion $200.00 ono.

Cigarette deep vee hull ( bud dry ) with some hardware fitted suit .45 $75.00.

Tosti Asti sport 45 hull only $40.00 ono.

Cat hull & deck approx 1100mm long $30.00.

Deep Vee hull & deck approx 1150mm long $30.00.

All above contact Jason Lester (09)269-6986.

Engine For sale

OS MAX 65 VR-M , with a new 65 RPM rod and a Prather pipe .Motor has had very little use as it has only been to two regattas .I have had it in my 1/8th scale I would like $700 for it !Thanks Paul Garner New Plymouth

Red Devil

Bruce Burns is looking for a buyer for “Red-Devil” (a 45 size Multi boat) Contact Bruce (09) 2662 662

Wanted to buy

I would like to know of a place or two where I could buy a model powerboat in the 7.5-11cc range.thanks C.Fulton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Mind the ducks Merv









I hope I have not omitted something that someone wanted included. It I have I apologise but otherwise…

That’s all folks





C Breen – Editor


Tony doing his submarine impersonation

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