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Venue: Wattle Farm Rd Pond Manurewa

2nd & 4th Sunday of each month from about 10.30 am


Secretary:        Glen Sayers                 Editor   Chris Breen

                        9 Reyland Close                       12 Sunset Rd

                        Manurewa                               Glenfield

                        Ph 267 2607                              Ph 4445 482                              June 2002


CLUB CHAMPS (Thanks to Merv)


The long awaited write-up on the Club Champs has finally arrived. (Editor’s note: Not really, they turned up just after I sent out the last Newsletter)

Two of our prominent members were absent through unforseen clash of domestic duties, while others turned up with and without boats still under repair and then, would you believe, one member turned up, being away six months not knowing it was the Club Champs and just about walked away with both events he entered in!!!

We had the course laid out, drivers stand in place, (thanks to Phil) and12 members with 14 boats scrutineered and Drivers Brief completed by 10 am.

It was decided to run the 1/8th Scale Hydros first, thinking the weather was suppose to get worse (in fact it got better) This was ran over 5 heats with points being accumulated from each heat. There were 4 boats entered and each boat won one heat except the overall winner, which ended up with two wins.

Congratulations go to Malcolm on taking out the Title.

1st         Miller High Life   38pts

2nd        York                             37pts

3rd         Ultra Bold and Dash       10pts

3rd         Miss Budweiser10pts

Next up was Class II Sprints. We had 3 boats in this event ran over 3 heats of 6 laps. Peter walked away with this with 3 first places, but new member Bruce (13 and with a broken arm) finished an easy 2nd in his homebuilt Aluminium boat “Ally” Well done!

1st         Obsession                     30pts

2nd        Ally                               26pts

3rd         DeWalt             09pts

Class One followed with 6 boats entered and I think a few surprises were installed for everyone as not having Graham or Chris to race against they must of thought they were in for a win…but nooo! Long time absent member, but now highly regarded and we wished he stayed away member, walked away with 2 wins a second and a third and the Title. Congratulations Glen.

1st         Blue Dealer                   37pts

2nd        Coca Cola                     31pts

3rd         Splash Zone                  27pts

3rd         Skulduggery                  27pts

5th         Ballistics                       19pts

6th         Lamborghini                   10pts

Class II 10-minute enduro was next which included one compulsory pit stop.

Our new Club champ is BRUCE, Congratulations.

1st         Ally                               12 laps 

2nd        DeWalt             08 laps 

Final race of the day was Class I, ½ hour enduro which included one compulsory pit stop.

We had five boats entered in this and Adrian got a flyer of a start, but unfortunately the boat also wanted to fly and this put Adrian out for a few laps. Malcolm broke a crankshaft and while retrieving his boat ended with all but one other boat in the rescue dinghy. This let Brett, who just kept on going and going and going and finally, took out the Club Enduro Championship. Well done Brett!

1st         Ballistics                       65 laps

2nd        Coca Cola                     50 laps

2nd        Splash Zone                  50 laps

4th         Lamborghini                   23 laps

5th         Skulduggery                  ½ lap

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to Wayne for running the BBQ and to all the members, who helped set up and dismantle the course, pits etc etc.


The following recent discussion on the listbot is interesting


Strakes or No strakes??


As for strakes, When a mono with strakes gets up to the mid 60 mph range, a slight rock to one side causes water to shoot off the SIDES of the lower side strake at a high velocity. The shooting water then causes that lower side to be forced upward in a stronger motion than if no starkes were present. Forcing the other side of the boat down hard causes the strakes on the other side to react with even more force to lift that side of the boat. What we end up with is excessive chine walk. Chine walk is bad, so the same strakes that helped us break a heavy boat free of the water is now the enemy at high speed.

Little known fact........Many of the mono hulls that have one strake on each side have them only to prevent the engine rails from photgraphing thru the hull. Photographing is a natural tendancy for fiberglass to overheat, shrink, where wood is attached, causing a blemish in the hull finish where the wood is attached.

John Finch

Just thought I'd add this. Built a CMB green head powered wild thing. No strakes on this baby. One very impressive hull on the water. Still working out some engine and consistency issues, but I had one run of which this hull planed out and held steady on about the last 3-4 inches of the hull! Tabs straight, Bone stock X440/3 too. Who needs strakes or steps? Gonna build a 45 version this winter -


Text Box:

In Australia I believe we have rules which specifically exclude running one boat in multiple classes, so I dont think that would be a problem here.

You raise interesting points about strakes. Are they required for lateral area and stability in turns or have you found that a boat with no strakes turns as well or better? Should we all start filing them off or do some hull designs require strakes to work properly?

Have you found that the stepped hulls go through corners faster than normal mono designs? What about straight line stability at speed?



So many questions! All of them depend on the model and application. Certainly don't cut off the strakes on all your boats. I have seen basically two ways for a mono to make a turn. Either it banks over hard on the chine or it stands up with just a bit of banking. Any other way and it does not work well. In either case it makes sense that steps can help break it loose when the boat is wet during a turn. I have not seen a noticeable difference in my boats however.  

Strakes do help to hold a boat in the turn as they can also affect the boats attitude so far as being a banking or non banking boat. More importantly, the keel affects how the boat slides or holds in the corners. A sharp keel forward may cause a boat to turn sharply or even spin out. The amount of sharpness along the keel is VERY important to the boats turning ability. The center of gravity of the engine is also a big player. A low cg tends to make the boat run flat while a high cg makes the boat tend to bank hard. Prop, trim tabs, strut depth, boat design, and front to rear cg also play into the picture. So........depending on the variables.........It would take a book to explain them all. To put it in a nutshell

......If your boat is chine walking real bad and you have exhausted all trim ideas (strut depth being the most productive) then you might take off the strakes.


Text Box:

Thank you for taking the time to reply!

What you seem to be saying is there is little benefit to running steps on modern boats considering the power to weight ratio.

The point about keel sharpness is very interesting, do you need to make much of a radius before there is an effect? On a fiberglass boat there is not much keel thickness to file off.

I have only really had chine walking problems when I took the turn fin off completely (setting up for SAW). The boat could not run at full power without getting out of control. I still don’t understand why this happened.



You are right on about the power to weight ratio.

To make sure you don't go through the bottom of you boat when you round the keel, first put a one inch strip of fiberglass cloth down the keel on the inside of the boat and build it up with fiberglass resin. Sand the inside of the boat first to get the wax out of the original resin. It doesnt take much rounding to change the turning characteristics. Do it only to correct problems. Your boat might not need it.  

As far as the wild boat when you go for all out speed. If you make the strut shallower, it will let the boat settle to the water for more control. I run my 60 boat surface drive at a distance of 5/8 ths of an inch from the bottom of the boat up to the centerline of the driveshaft. Don't need trim tabs. Also.....the last 1/4 inch of your boat bottom is VERY VERY important. A little rocker and the boat is wild. A little cup, and the bow is buried. The right amount at the VERY rear of the boat and you are ballistic! But with control.

Good luck,



My current mono has a bit of a problem digging in and turning too hard, but I have not had much time to set it up, so if I cant get it to work by messing with the rudder, tabs and strut then I may try a bit of rounding off. I note that the AC Wild Thing design has a rounded keel over all of its length.

Thinking back to when I was playing with SAW setups the strut was as deep as I could get on a surface drive boat, so maybe raising it would have helped. 5/8" is up quite a way, but are you running an extended strut, ie prop a long way back from the transom? Mine was relatively close. We dont run SAW in our club anymore anyway!

I shall check the last 1/4"!

Thanks for the tips.


And further discussion on a Russian Engine

Kalistratov Engines

Looking for some input on the Kalistratov Russian engines, primarily the K67 & K90's, anyone out there running them?

How well do they perform?? What is the mounting size, do they fit the CMB/Picco bolt pattern?? What do they use for a header design? These motors have aroused some curiosity! …….


They are hot very hot !     The gentleman who holds the 59 sec flat NAMBA 1 mile oval National record runs one as do three others in our district ( Dist 9 ) Those are the K90's Built like a swiss watch and super tough. Can't speak on the mount pattern.

We in our dist have yet to have anyone run the 67's or 45's yet though I know a few guys have them ?  

Headers apeer to be conventional straight tubed being rear exhaust over the flywheel, the intake is like the mac's, being a reverse drum rotor but on ball bearings ! !   The crankshaft is very long and the crankcase has a long housing to spread bearing centers for better support.  

Scott Schneider

Al Hobbs also keeps them in stock. Buy two, if one is good two must be better.

I will let you know when I finish my dyno some time this year.

Dennis Cessna

   Don -   The bolt pattern is not common to CMB or Picco. Its close to the Picco pattern, but not exact. The motors are beautifully built. I have one in my scale, mono, and 60 hydro.   A Picco 67 header will work, or they have a water cooled K header that looks like the old Rossi header. The motor excels in the scale! Call me if you have any other questions.   I keep them in stock most of the time.  


Ok there must be good & bad points to these engines. Dennis why did you say buy two of each?? Do they blow up?? Are parts hard to get?? Let's here more.................      

Don Ferrette


They are very good motors and parts are readily available from Al Hobbs. I bought one from a person in here ( I will not mention his name) and was sold a European version instead of what I thought was an American version. The motor blew up about 45 seconds after it was fired for the first time. Cost me about $200.00 to get it fixed. By one directly from a dealer such as Al and you shouldn't have any problems. Order the 3rd channel fuel mixture and the water-cooled exhaust while you're at it.



They are awesome, we run them (k90) in our team twins, never had a problem with them, run them stock and pull h48's all day, or mod them slightly and run h50's or for the 100mph runs the v967/3,

I ran my twin for the first time a few weeks ago and the motors didnt miss a beat, pulling h48's very very easily, will be bolting h50's on the back this weekend i hope.

they rev alot harder than the cmb's or piccos and will not break, we just change the needle roller on the bottom of the rod to a full complement of needles.

the bolt patteren is different to all others, and is roughly the same width as picco and cmb, and a lot longer in the front of the motor.

Al Hobbs is the man, Great service and always there to help with any questions.

I will not buy any other brand of motor again, i will be building a K90 powered mono very soon and am looking for 70mph in oval trim.

You can see lots of pics at our site,



Sydney Australia

Club Day 12 May

Overcast cloud with little or no wind led to glassy conditions for Hydros although a little too calm for the sprint classes, with the flat water “sucking” down the boats. . The turn out was moderate and pitmen in short but adequate supply. Again no serious boat to boat accidents, however a few miscreants were forced to pay the buoy –bashing penalty (Adrian times two, plus Bruce ???)


Hydros were run first to make best advantage of the smooth water in case the wind came up. A turn out of four 1/8th scales, Budweiser resplendent in a bright new red paint scheme, Miller light (yet to be painted), and the two yellow boats Llumar and York. Unfortunately Merv had some difficulty with Budweiser and was well off the pace. Malcolm flipped and damaged his rudder servo during tune-up but was then able to man the video camera to record a spectacular blow-over by Llumar on the front straight in race 3. – Certain to have impressed our visitors from the up-coming Boat Show Committee (more about this later). Attrition finally side-lined Llumar after the final race with the turn fin succumbing to metal fatigue. This could account for the erratic handling over the last few races. York however was running very reliably and fast to take 4 wins out of 5 races to score 40 points, followed by Llumar with 36 and Bub with 35

Sprint Racing

Only one class II (Bruce ) so Red boat was put in with Class I boats and heats run in two groups.   Bruce tried a few more props on his multi boat and is noticeably faster. Bruce earns 30 points in class II. Starts were noted to be exceptionally close in most heats and disappointing results could be blamed on the odd missed buoy or unintended hook – Remember no re-circling permitted during heat races. Adrian in Lamborghini was consistent as was Glen with Blue Dealer, and Graham with Ohio Steel. Malcolm in Skulduggery had two narrow escapes. One was a barrel roll off the Ohio wake and the other a glancing bounce off a buoy sending Skulduggery at right-angles to the course narrowly missing the hardware at the rear of Ohio. Malcolm ended the day with 24 points. Reliable racing by Brent in Ballistic earned 31 useful points with Chris trailing the field in L&P on 17 points after withdrawing after two heats with servo glitching. Leading the day was Ohio and Blue Dealer on 46 points each, followed by Lamborghini on 40,


A single Enduro heat was run over 15 minutes with a compulsory stop. Adrian had withdrawn with a rudder bracket failure leaving Ohio, Skulduggery and Ballistics to slug it out. Top points to Ballistics followed by Ohio and Skulduggery.

Dick of the Day

Brent, for permitting his sunglasses to partake in one of the Hydro races. “Just as I launched Llumar for Chris, me glasses fell off, dropped into the air scoop, and stayed there until the end of the race !!!”

Text Box:

Club Points Standings (2002/2003 year)



Total Enduro Points)

Total Sprint Points


Class I Off-Shore


Graham Doggett

Ohio Steel



Peter Wright




Adrian Milanesi

Orange &white thingi


Adrian Milanesi



38 +40

Glen Sayers

Blue thingi



Wayne Lester

Bud Dry


Jason Lester

Coca Cola



Tony Webster

Martini Racing


Tony Belle

Splash Zone II



Malcolm Miller




Adrienne Kockott



Tony Kockott



Brian Nesbitt



Phil Leach



Russell Day



Jeremy & Brett) Harrison




Chris Breen

Lemon & Paeroa




Class II Off-Shore


Peter Wright




Glen Sayers

Steves Model shop



Bruce Burns




Jason Lester



Malcolm Miller

Red Boat


Graham Doggett


Warrick Kockott





Glen Sayers




Chris Breen

Black Fire


Chris Breen




Malcolm Miller

Miller High life



Terry Wison

Ultra Bold & Dash



Jason Lester



Jason Lester



Merv Sowden

Radical Rat


Merv Sowden

Miss Bud



List of Competitors, frequencies and boats

New guys should try to select a free frequency (27.145 = a clash)


Malcolm                     40.850              Skulduggery      C Deep Vee

Glen                          40.830              Dealer               C Deep Vee

Graham                      27.145              Ohio Steel         P Deep Vee & Blue

Graham                                              Blue Cat            C Cat

Larry                          27.255              Wild Thing         P Deep Vee

Tony W                      27.145              Martini              P Deep Vee

Tony K                       40.915              TornadoC Deep Vee

Russell                      27.045              Knacker            P Cracker Box

Jason             40.970              Coca Cola         C Cat

Phillip                        27.175              Yellow/Red        C Cat

Tony  B                      40.670              Splash Zone      C Cat

Chris                          29.925              L & P                C Cat

Brian                          27.255              Pussycat          P Cat

Adrian                        40.985              Lamborghini       P Cat

Brent                         40.710              Ballistics           P Cat


Peter                         27.095              Obsession         B Cat

Bruce                         29.745              Alley                 B Deep Vee

Bruce                         29.825              Red multi          B Mono

Glen                          29.865              Steves Model     B Deep Vee


Chris                                                  Antares             A Deep Vee

Warrick                      72.590              Coke                 A Deep Vee

Adrienne                    40.730              Evoluzione         A Deep Vee

Wayne                       29.985              Pennzoil            A Deep Vee

Graham                      27.145              Zip-A-Dee          A Deep Vee

Malcolm                     36.350              Skedaddle         A Deep Vee

1/8th Scale Hydro

Merv                          40.810              Budweiser

Glen                          40.830              York

Chris                          29.905              Llumar

Terry                          40.685              Ultra Bold & Dash

Jason             40.970              De Walt

Malcolm                     27.045              Miller High Life

Scale 45

Merv                          40.810              Radical Rat II

Jason             40.970              Persidon ?

Chris                                                  Black Fire


Bud Dry is powered with a brand new OS 46 VXM (7.5cc) engine fitted with tuned pipe. Motor has only had less than 15 minutes running. Very predictable and completive boat comes complete with 2 channel Futaba radio and only requires adding to water to start your enjoyment.
Price: $600.00
Contact: Wayne Lester. Ph. 2696986 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Well that is all for this newsletter people – Next Practise Day is May 26th. Next Race day is June 9th.



C Breen – Editor

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