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Venue: Wattle Farm Rd Pond Manurewa

2nd &  4th Sunday of each month from about 10.30 am


Secretary:        Glen Sayers                 Editor   Chris Breen

                        9 Reyland Close                       12 Sunset Rd

                        Manurewa                               Glenfield

                        Ph 267 2607                              Ph 4445 482                              August 2002



On our next Club Day 11th August we will be contesting the Burns Rum Rally. This has come about with a kind donation from the Burn's Family of a bottle of Rum. The rally will be open to any enthusiastic model boatie in NZ that has a boat to run. The boat can be any class and size as long it fits into the requirements set out by the MMPBC / NZMPBA rulebook.  The race will be run on a handicap system same as the quad series we raced last year and every boat will have 5 heat-type races over our normal club 100m circuit, run clockwise.


Time will be given to each contestant to establish a timed lap and this will be recorded. Boats will be split into 2 groups based on their times, and handicaps will be worked out with the slowest boat in the group on go. Penalties will be incurred if you go faster than your official timed lap. (Penalty is quite severe) The way to get the most points is to run as close as possible to your official time and win the race. 


There will be an entry fee of $5.00 for this race day.  A BBQ & drinks will be on site. We will also be running 1/8th Scale and Scale 45 as separate races....GOOD LUCK!!!!



Race Day on 14 July 2002

The weather last Sunday was quite moderate and we had a good turn-out of boats. In Class II Sprints poor Bruce experienced a crank case failure in Red Devil but managed 3 races before the disaster befell him.  Racing against Jason in Bud Dry was quite entertaining with Dud Dry well and truly faster on the straight but very fussy on the turns with a spin-out occurring on probably half the turns !!   The old story that a slower boat that finishes will always beat a faster one that does not finish is proven by the days points at 29 for Jason & 28 for Bruce. 


Class I sprints saw four boats competing but only Skulduggery  finished all four heats.  Lamborghini and Ballistics both took the heats that they managed to finish, but failed to finish in the others!!


Enduro saw a close match between Ballistics and Skulduggery, with Exciter and Lamborghini a little off the reliability needed in enduro racing.


1/8th Hydros saw Llumar, Miller High Life and Budweiser compete in 5 heats.  Malcolm took out all but one and Chris in Llumar managed two seconds but the three DNS. 


(Editor’s Note Miller High Life is now painted and looking immaculate – Both Bud and Miller High also share an auspicious birthday see photos.)


Undoubtedly the highlight of the day was Margaret Burns producing some very tasty filled rolls for the lads’ lunch. Very nice ! you can come along again !!!


It was also very good to see an old face and boat. Welcome to Phil Woodham with the 1/8th scale “1981-83 Squire Shop”.  We should soon have ANOTHER 1/8th scale racing

Driver’s Stand

The Manukau City Council has kindly laid down a metal driveway to our launching area. This is very much appreciated and will make access for the dinghy trailer and unloading our gear a lot easier. The drivers stand has now progressed to the area were the plans are now checked to see if they fit within the environment / conservation bylaws.




Editor’s note: The following discussion on RCBOAT.COM could be a inkling of things to come.  I have never seen a model turbine but the photo is pretty impressive . It is a five stage compressor model turbine jet !!!  There is a web site in the text that is worth a visit. (sorry for typos but they are not mine !!)


Want to go fast?



Use a Power Turbine

Leave the piston engines in your rooster tail.

Dennis Cessna


They are illeagal in IMPBA and I believe NAMBA. The last we heard was that they need to figure out a way to displace them. They are fun to play with but we can't run them until the engine class issue is revisited. 



Easy! Compressor and Turbine Rotor Diameters

Maybe number of stages if someone gets crazy with their engine/ turbine. 

Dennis Cessna


This is true but it has to go throught the technical committee.  If they become popular I am sure that would happen but very few boaters are using them. More than likley due to expense.



Yes, I agree on the expense issue. Over $2000 for one unit. Another issue for boaters is the damage that a turbine would sustain in a dunking would be catastrophic. Goodbye $2000!

Also Wren turbines is just now developing a turbine and reduction gear for their smaller size engine that will be commercially available in one year.

Artesjets is working on a similiar unit that should be ready soon. As it is now I don't know of any other Power turbine manufacturers that commercially produce a good size for a reasonable size boat. 

Dennis Cessna


Hi Dennis, I know you are in Korea. Question. Have you ever raced head to head in IMPA or NAMBA. I have run boats for years before I got involved in organized racing and I was always the fastest guy on the lake. Racing in a 8 boat heat with 90 riggers will humble you real quick.

Ray_Sametz (NAMBA136)-(IMPBA1648  


Never raced in the USA, but I am the fastest in Korea

Although there isn't much competition. We race catamarans with the riggers becuase there isn't enough of each class to fill up the heat.

Are you saying that the boats are fast enough without a turbine?

Dennis Cessna


A mate of mine builds turbines, the main problem will be the inconal exhaust wheels when they hit the water they will pretty much explode, 

at the moment his are producing 22lbs of thrust at 125,000rpm, a have heaps of pictures at home of them running, 

he is going to fit 2 into a SR71   that currently has 2x cmb ducted fan motors, 

also need to make a way of not producting any thrust and make a pto that will handle the power and rpm. 



It is called a gas generator and Power turbine (Free Turbine). The common airplane turbine produces thrust by the blade design and exit nozzle. 

You are right in a Power turbine setup the thrust is not an issue, so the exit nozzle is not needed, but the amount and velocity of gas produced is very important.

The gas produced by the turbine is used in a Power turbine (Free Turbine) on a seperate shaft. This output shaft is connected to a reduction gear. The Power turbine spins around 100,000 rpm and needs to reduced to a usable rpm range. The turbine makers already have develop this setup for helicopters and could be easily adapted to a boat.

In order to keep the "gas generator" from stalling or surging a gas bleed off valve is put between the gas generator and Power turbine. The gas generator and Power turbine are on seperate shafts.


In effect the gas generator could run at an almost constant rpm and the gas bleed off valve used to control the amount of power going to the Power turbine and Reduction gear. This is in 10,000 Hp gas turbine installations, but in our small turbine a bleed off valve may not be needed. A bleed off valve is not used in the R/C helicopter becuase of the clutch.

The small R/C gas turbines have enough throttlability to use in a boat with massive amounts of rpm available.

Some adaptation of the gas turbine setup would be needed for our boats, but it is well within reach of any interested people.

Gas turbines come in as many styles as people have ideas.

The term "power take off (pto)" is not applicable to a gas turbine. It is used in piston engines and reduction gears.

The term Power Turbine is used. It extracts rotating power from the gas.

Dennis Cessna


Why don't you have a turbo prop engine made and install it in a boat  you can get plans to make it you'r self. (  this kind of engine is able to be adapted for a boat shaft becuse it has a shaft that usaly runs a airplane prop) Just my 2 cents    



Jimmy,Exactly what I had in mind. I just need a manufacturer to make one small enough for a 90 size hull.

Maybe I will send you some drawings to machine some gears and parts  

Dennis Cessna


Some very interesting info there Dennis,


Some true some not, 

What is the melting point of aluminium?? around the 400 degrees C correct??

at idle a turbine runs at around the 600 degrees C, it will melt a aluminium wheel in no time flat, on a wet start it will melt instantly as the temp get up toward 800-900 degrees C. The turbine wheels are made from 718 inconal then x rayed to make sure they are ok then heat treated. in australia that is law, you dont have a inconal wheel you no run your motor,

The designer of the engines my mate runs is Ken Jack he has been making turbines for years and he decided to try a stainless wheel and it exploded just after startup.

Check out this web page, about 1/2 way down you will see Kens name


407 stainless steel is used for the shaft,

Compressor wheels are sourced from either Garrett or KKK  turbos, and will with stand a small amount of water entering as like a car with a water injection setup.



 Welcome to New Members

Ron Schalkwijk                                                                        Colin Ellis
hm ph
4735887                                                                        53 Neilson street
, Pukekohe
wk ph 419 7250                                                                       Ph hm. 025 2125812
mobile 025 507955                                                                  Ph wk. 09 2381381
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                      email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.            
1/49 Killarney Ave,
Torbay.                                                     boat name. 'Scooby Doo'        

type. tunnel

power. 7.5cc K&B outboard.

radio. 40.770 MHZ


Come on down to the pond guys




Here are some recommended web sites:  NOTE: THIS IS AN AFFILIATED MAIL ORDER LINK. EVERY PURCHASE DIRECTLY BENEFITS OUR CLUB SO PLEASE UTILISE IT  Check out the pipe and motor tips.



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Jason Lester

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Jason Lester




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Merv Sowden

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ANTARES For Sale if anyone interested – say $200(complete other than radio).  .  Dumas mono type hull, OS 20 FP motor (plane type with cooling jacket) X440 prop   Excellent beginners boat – very reliable. Call the Editor (09 4445 482)


1/8 Scale Hydro hull,deck & rear cowl in fibreglass ( based on the same hull as budweiser ) needs completion $200.00 ono.

Cigarette deep vee hull ( bud dry ) with some hardware fitted suit .45  $75.00.

Tosti Asti sport 45 hull only $40.00 ono.

Cat hull & deck approx 1100mm long $30.00.

Deep Vee hull & deck approx 1150mm long $30.00.

All above contact Jason Lester (09)269-6986.




Engine For sale

It is a OS MAX 65 VR-M , with a new 65 RPM rod and a Prather pipe .Motor has had very little use as it has only been to two regattas .I have had it in my 1/8th scale I would like $700 for it !Thanks Paul Garner New Plymouth



Wanted to buy

I would like to know of a place or two where I could buy a model powerboat

in the 7.5-11cc range.thanks C.Fulton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hydro Regatta

The Hydro/Offshore Regatta on 27 28  July is now to take place on HamiltonLake

Apparently the local Rotorua Tangata Whenua are being difficult



I hope I have not omitted something that someone wanted included.  It I have I apologise but otherwise

That’s all folks





C Breen – Editor

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