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Venue: Wattle Farm Rd Pond Manurewa

2nd & 4th Sunday of each month


Secretary:        Glen Sayers                 Editor   Chris Breen

                        9 Reyland Close                       86 Chivalry Rd

                        Manurewa                               Glenfield

                        Ph 267 2607                              Ph 4445 482                              November 2001



Club Day 14th October

First race day where we scrutineered and insisted on pit-men (but not that many boats !)

Points as follows:

Off shore Sprint Racing                                          Enduro Race

Glenn                           30                                            Phil                              10 (24 laps)

Malcolm                       28                                            Malcolm                       9 (19 laps)

Wayne                         18                                            Peter                           8 (15 laps)

Jeremy & Brett            12                                            Chris                           5 (5 laps)

Phil                              10

Peter                           9

Jason                          9

Chris                           8

Tony                            no finishes

Hydro Racing

Chris (Llumar)19        (2nd ,1st, DNF)

Merv (Bud)                  19 (DNF, 2nd, 1st)

Glen (York)                  10 (1st, DNF, DNF)


Dick of the Day is Glen by blaming his first hydro DNF on being too lean, when he in fact simply ran out of fuel !


The following discussion on Hydro rear wings may be of interest. It is from the old Listbot archive database at   Merv and Chris both have it and can query the database if anyone has a question they would like answered.


I'm gettin ready to launch my first scale, when I had the hull primed with a sandable primer the shop lost one of my fins. My concern is if I set the boat up without the wing on the back will I have to set it up totally different when the wing is installed, I am assuming there is a considerable amout of drag with all the breakaway wing stories I've heard....



The rear wing on a hydroplane is there to "lift" the rear end

vs push the rear end down like on a car. This lifting will help keep the nose down at high speed and on windy days. Your setup will not drastically change. You will find that there is a fine line at top end, and every hull varys, your there then your gone. (up and over) The best advise I can give you is to make sure you have foam in the wings, and connect them with

breakaway nylon screws. If the boat you built had wings then you have to run with them. You dont see any current unlimiteds run without them do ya, no.... because they work !!


Thanx Joe, Do you have any recommendations on setting the wing up in a manner that will make it easy to adjust. This was originally a Dumas kit that was modified to suit my needs but the wing is pretty much stock. Foam filled but stationary mounts with no adjustable features.



What I do is use the front hole as the pivot, and create a arc at the rear hole. What you want is the rear of the wing to be negative (down). Again, if you could lay your boat flat on a surface, assumed running attitude, the "0" or neutral position would be parallel with the surface the boat is on, mark it with a permanent marker for reference. Now make adjustments so that the rear of the wing can drop below "0", I wouldn’t think you would ever go more than 1/4", but try 0, 1/8, 1/4. Making any sense ??


Makes good since, let me clearify a couple of things. In order to achieve the neutral position I would set the hull on a flat surface without a prop or prop over the edge and elevate the sponson pads in the front say 3/16-1/4" to simulate ride surface. At that point I need to get a baseline measurement from the wing front screw ( pivot point) being that they are the center line of the wing, and then start at an equal measurement on the rear adjustment and call that "0". Make a permanent mark for zero on the inside of the fin for "0" and then try different positions in say 1/8 increments moving the rear of the wing down to create lift.....right?



Keep the front sponsons on the same plane the strut lays on,

you may have to remove the skid fin and rudder (prop) to get a good profile. Also check while you have the hull in this position that the back of the sponson running surface is right at the rear edge, you dont want it resting on the sponsons a inch or two forward and a gap from that point back.


Set the boat on a flat set up table that is level. Fine tune the boat flat on the table so it is running on the rear riding surfaces of the front sponsons and the strut and maybe rear edge of the rear sponsons. shimmed about an 1/8th-1/4" above the table depending on the strut depth. Now level the wing at zero

degrees. Remember your foam filled wing will float but it is fatter then some of the older dumas kit. The wing will have a bearing on prop load at speed and you have to get your balence point set up in regards to percent of afterplane behind the at speed riding surface, (A.S.R.S.).



The programme for each Race Day (2nd Sunday of the Month) meeting will run something like the following:

09.00 - 9.30am Set-up course

09.30 - 10.00 Boat scrutineering

10.00 –10.15 Drivers Briefing

(It is important that everyone is at the briefing! No Brief – No Race)

10.15 – 10.30 Open Water Class 1&2

10.30 –11.00 Class 1 & 2 Sprint Racing

11.00 – 11.15 Open Water Hydro

11.15 –11.45 Hydro Racing 1/8th and or Sport 45 / Tunnels (NO Cats)

11.45-12.15 Class 1 & 2 Racing Enduro

12.15-12.30 LUNCH

12.30-1.00 Hydro Racing 1/8th and or Sport 45 / Tunnels (NO Cats)

1.00-1.30 Class 1 & 2 Sprint Racing

2.00-3.00 Hydro Racing 1/8th and or Sport 45 / Tunnels (NO Cats) FINAL TAKE ALL

3.00-3.30 Class 1 & 2 Enduro Racing DOUBLE POINTS

4.00 Clean up……..

Note: No boats on the water until after Drivers-Brief and boat has been scrutineered.

List of Competitors, frequencies and boats

New guys should try to select a free frequency (27.145 = a clash)

Malcolm                     40.850              Skulduggery      C Deep Vee

Glen                          40.830              Dealer               C Deep Vee

Graham                      27.145              Ohio Steel         P Deep Vee & Blue

Graham                                              Thingy C Cat     C Cat

Larry                          27.255              Wild Thing         P Deep Vee

Tony                          27.145              Martini P Deep Vee

Russell                      27.045              Knacker            P Craker Box

Jason                        40.970              Coca Cola         C Cat

Phillip                        27.175              Yellow/Red        C Cat

Tony                          40.670              Splash Zone      C Cat

Chris                          29.925              L & P                C Cat

Brian                          27.255              Pussycat          P Cat

Adrian                        40.670              #97                   P Cat

Brett                          27.045              Ballistics           P Cat

Peter                         27.095              Obsession         B Cat

Chris                                                  AntaresA Deep Vee

Wayne                       29.985              Pennzoil            A Deep Vee

Graham                      27.145              Zip-A-Dee          A Deep Vee

Merv                          40.810              1/8th Budweiser

Glen                          40.830              1/8th York

Chris                         29.925              1/8th Llumar

Jason                        40.970              1/8th De Walt

Malcolm                    27.045              1/8th Miller High Life

Merv                         40.810              Radical Rat II

Glen                                                 Persidon ?

Chris                                                Black Fire

Club Points Standings

(Editor’s Note: I hope there are not too many errors but no correspondence will be entered into)



Total Enduro Points)

Total Sprint Points


Class I Off-S


Graham Doggett

Ohio Steel



Peter Wright




Adrian Milanesi

Orange thingi



Glen Sayers

Blue thingi



Wayne Lester

Bud Dry



Jason Lester

Coca Cola



Tony Belle

Blue & White sprint



Malcolm Miller




Brian Nesbitt








Russell Day




Jeremy (Brett?)




Chris Breen

Lemon & Paeroa




Class II Off-S


Glen Sayers

Steves Model shop



Jason Lester




Malcolm Miller

Red Boat









Chris Breen

Black Fire



Chris Breen




Jason Lester




Merv Sowden

Radical Rat



Merv Sowden

Miss Bud



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