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Venue: Wattle Farm Rd Pond Manurewa

2nd &  4th Sunday of each month


Secretary:        Glen Sayers                 Editor   Chris Breen

                        9 Reyland Close                       86 Chivalry Rd

                        Manurewa                               Glenfield

                        Ph 267 2607                              Ph 4445 482                                          August 2001



Current New Zealand Speed Records @ 1 August 2001

Marlborough, 29 July 2001

Last week Tony Rutledge did 131.387 kph in his C2 Hydro in the South Island. (Nice one Tony!)


It has been a long time since anyone has attempted any official NZ Records locally and I know of at least 2 if not 3 boats in our Auckland club capable of breaking the existing records.


The Ozzie record is 161.434 KPH and Andy Brown USA did 111.39 MPH (Both set in 1989)


Taken from the NZMPBA Webpage:

CLASS                         NAME              DATE                           SPEED KMPH

A Hydro                        G Haines                       2/06/91                               104.700

B Hydro                        B Jessop                        14/05/83                  122.860

C1 Hydro                      B Allan                          9/07/97                                 82.560

C2 Hydro                      T Rutledge                     29/07/01                  131.387

P1 Hydro                       B Theobold                    29/01/84                    51.870

P2 Hydro                       P McGregor                  5/08/84                                 89.720

A Scale Hydro                D Gibson                       9/02/85                                 69.300

B Scale Hydro                T Rutledge                     2/01/98                                 94.364

C Scale Hydro                P Collier                        2/06/86                                 96.190

A Mono                         G Haines                       10/08/97                    70.107

B Mono                         B McDonald                  4/09/99                                 75.230

C1 Mono                       Bevan Allan                    9/07/97                                 72.654

C2 Mono                       G Haines                       2/06/96                                 84.507

P1 Mono                       B McDonald                  9/08/97                                 65.943

P2 Mono                       D Christiansen               9/08/97                                 63.660

A Deep Vee                   B McDonald                  12/10/97                    60.939

B Deep Vee                    B McDonald                  29/09/98                    73.808

C1 Deep Vee                  B McDonald                  6/02/01                                 71.667

C2 Deep Vee                  Bill McDonald                8/06/00                                 80.627

P1 Deep Vee                  B McDonald                  9/08/97                                 65.011

P2 Deep Vee                  R Lattaney                     2/06/96                                 57.855

A Tunnel                       J Belworthy                   26/09/92            ……59.950

B Tunnel                       A Lundberg                   19/06/93            ……77.171

C1 Tunnel

C2 Tunnel                     A Lundberg                   4/06/94                         ……88.560

P1 Tunnel

P2 Tunnel

A Hydro O/B                  M Sowden                     25/02/84                   60.250

B Hydro O/B                  Joe Fraser                     6/03/00                                55.577

C Hydro O/B                  K West                          25/02/84                   66.450

A Mono O/B                  M Sowden                     9/02/85                                46.860

B Mono O/B                  Joe Fraser                     8/06/00                                53.294

C Mono O/B                  K West                         26/02/84                   56.890

A Deep Vee O/B             M Sowden                     9/12/85                                47.980

B Deep Vee O/B             P Fowler                       30/05/92                   45.760

C Deep Vee O/B             M Sowden                     17/08/83                   43.670

A Tunnel O/B                 R Homewood                 03/06/01                   70.410

B Tunnel O/B                 M Smithson                   6/02/01                                70.623

C Tunnel O/B

Std Elec Mono               G Binns                         1/06/96                                26.590

Open Elec Mono            W McNaught                 20/02/94                   42.220

Std Elec D/Vee

Open Elec D/Vee

Std Elec Tunnel

Open Elec Tunnel           P Lokum                       1/06/96                               39.440

Std Elec Hydro               D Gibson                       17/03/85                  20.200

Open Elec Hydro            K Rose                          2/01/98                   48.257

12 Cell Stock Hydro       K Rose                          14/06/98                  48.100



There is considerable benefits to be gained from “tweaking” propellers.  The following information originates from MWD & Associates, the makers of the “Prop Duplicator”.  CAUTION This should be attempted by experienced boaters only, ie those brave soles who have already optimised their boats using stock propellers and are seeking that little bit extra.


The drawings indicate MWD & Associates’ opinion of the best modifications for 1400 Series, 1600

Series, and X Series props. Bending points for each are shown by line and shaded areas are portions to remove.



When bending props, bend a tiny bit at a time, then try your prop before bending more. 











Round 3 of the Northern Handicap series ( Hamilton) 22 July

The third round of the series was held on Hamilton Lake last Sunday.  The temperature was freezing but several of us put on the extra layers and upheld the Auckland flag.  As you can see below, the day suited Malcolm (in the last race he even held his exhaust on with copper wire!!) but the rest of us had a frustrating day. Poor Jason Lester did not even get his cat into the competition ! (radio problem). 

Chris ran his brand new 61 off-shore cat “Lemon & Paeroa” but had difficulty keeping the pipe in place and getting the needle set. 


Malcolm did manage to drive over one of the Hamilton guys.  See picture with re-designed plug in the top of the motor plus the slice in the port gunwale














Editor’s Note: I am informed that later Malcolm destroyed his motor while testing.


Northern Handicap Points to Date after 3 Regattas



Regatta 22 July

Total Points after 3 Regattas

Nigel Bunn   



Malcolm Miller   



Jeff Weake         



Birmy Korving      



Dallas Gibson       



Tony Bella              



Stanley Shrimpton   



Chris Breen               



Brian Nesbitt           



Adrian Milanessi   



Graeme dePina       



Peter Wright



Greg Clarkson



Jason Lester



Wayne Lester




We have checked a couple of rules with Grant Binns.

1)  Yes you can drop your worst round ie only 3 count.

2)  You do not have to be using the same boat throughout the series.  You do however have to use the same boat on the day from start to finish.


Fourth and final regatta probably 26 August 2001


Speed Measurements

At our next Meeting (12 August) we will attempt to use a small hand held GPS unit to record some maximum speeds.  If the weather suits Chris has a unit that we will wrap in plastic to protect from fuel and similar crap, and then secure inside a test boat.  Chris reports that the unit works very well on full size sail boats to record maximum speed.


Hydro Regatta

Your Editor is hereby throwing out a challenge to the owners of 1/8th scale and Sport 40 hydros.  These have been conspicuous by their absence at race days for probably the last 3 months!!  Come on you guys, bring ‘em out, get ‘em running. They are certainly the most spectacular races as far as the public spectators are concerned.  If we get a few on the water we will organise a hydro regatta with some worthwhile prizes.  Yes I know Llumar is going quick since fitting a rear ride plate, but I am getting lonesome!!


Well said…. Well, this Club day 2nd Sunday of the month, we will be having the Hydros incorporated into the series. There will still be the same amount of heats for Group I & II

(All points for races towards Club Trophies)

It has been mooted that points should also be awarded to those who come early to set up the course and pit area!!!



9am Set-up course

9.15- 9.45 – open water for class 1 & 2

9.45 – 10.15 - open water for Hydros / Tunnels (NO Cats)

10.15 - Drivers Briefing It is important that everyone is at the briefing!       No Brief – No Race

10.30 –11.00 Class 1 & 2 Racing

11.00 –11.30 Hydro Racing 1/8th and or Sport 45 / Tunnels (NO Cats)

11.30-12.00 Class 1 & 2 Racing

12.00-12.30 LUNCH /Open water

12.30-1.00 Hydro Racing 1/8th and or Sport 45 / Tunnels (NO Cats)

1.30-2.00 Class 1 & 2 Racing

2.30-3.00 Hydro Racing 1/8th and or Sport 45 / Tunnels (NO Cats) FINAL

3.30-4.00 Class 1 & 2 Racing FINAL DOUBLE POINTS

4.00 Clean up……..


Here is a tip that may help you. If you have pipes that have dents in them like I do, put a stopper in both ends and fill with water. Put the pipe in the freezer and the ice will remove the dents. Cool huh....?(Marty Davis)  (Editors Note ..Who has dents in their pipe??)


This does work great, but you must fill the pipe according to the size of the dent. If the dent is small, stand the pipe on end with the dent(s) closest to the bottom and only fill the pipe to just above the dent. For the very best results check the pipe every 10 -15 min. If the Dent is huge or the pipe has been run over by a TRUCK, you can still fix it, but you will need to completely fill the pipe and repeat the process until the pipe retains it's original shape. If you mess up and blow it up like a balloon. Try it out anyway. It may run better then Stock!  (Andy Brown)

Tips from MWD discussions group



It was suggested a few months ago that we should pursue our request from the MCC for a driver’s stand. It was put forward by our last Council Liaison Officer that we would have to pay at least half the cost and up to now that had been our stumbling block.  A few things have been tossed around about fund raising with the Merv donating quite a few old Unlimited Hydroplane Videos For Sale from the 80’s and 90’s (To many to list) …Also Merv has Bulk Bought some McCoy the real McCoy MC9 Glow Plugs. These are going at $10.00 a plugand again the proceeds are going to the Club.  Ring Merv on 360 8601 or 267 0885 to find out what Videos he has or if you want to buy any plugs.  The BBQ will be operating again on a limited basis…


Well that is all for this newsletter people – Go fast , turn right, keep the wet side down.

C Breen – Editor

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